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Fast Response

Responses from the candidates were quite fast, I obtained candidate's approval for their resumes usually within 24 hours. Easy to use (can lean back and select). All in all, I was quite impressed and my expectations were surpassed

Rex Pty. Ltd.
Last update : 01/04/2002 is effective and beneficial

I am really grateful for BiNus Career assistance in order getting my current position in quite a big and well-known company. Especially because I got the position I’d hoped for. is effective and beneficial for students or BiNusian. I recommend to all BiNus students or alumni, who want to find jobs suitable one’s skills and hopes. Also for companies seeking qualified and trustworthy employees, simply click and get the employees you want - you won’t be disappointed. Thank you again, move on and keep up the good service!!! Best Regards, Immanuel John Hendra 0101910623

Immanuel John Hendra
Last update : 01/04/2002

BiNus Career has more vacany ads

Untitled Document

I have just finished my study at BiNus. As a fresh graduate, I was having a hard time looking for perfect job. I started replying to vacancies in september 2000, through kompas, and BiNus Career. The good thing is, BiNus Career has more vacany ads for IT Proffesional. Not mentioning, those new ads added every other day, and we don`t have to pay for stamps, it surely is more economical .Moreover, the respond is faster. Once, I directly got an interview invitation after applying not more than 4 days ahead.

In the event, applying from ads on newspaper, it needs a month on so to get any respond. And it`s better when the ads we reply to are part of BiNusCareer`s placemet program. We won`t have to locate the company by ourselves, because BiNus Career will directly accompany us there. I got my first job in acordance to this placement program . That`s my experience with BiNus Career that helps BiNusian ti get a job.
Regards, Eddy Swan 0223960460

Eddy Swan
Last update : 01/04/2002

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