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Bravo BiNus Career...

Untitled Document Hi, My name is Albert Setiawan from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm alumni Bina Nusantara University majoring Information Management, class of 1994 (Information Management changed to Information System). I want to say Special Thanks to BiNus Career. I am currently working for PT. Asuransi Jiwa Central Asia Raya (CAR) as IT personel.

It was a very good idea from BiNus Career to hold such a great event called "BiNus Career Job Expo" in the last January - where I can meet several representatives of some companies. This is a better way to gather the jobseekeres and employers, because they can meet face to face. I need to say also, that for this moment, I have a better position compared to the actual position offered by CAR in the BiNus Career Job Expo event.
Bravo BiNus Career, I hope the Job Expo Event can be held more frequently - in order to help others to find a job. As you might know already, it is quite difficult to find a job in these days - especially a job that matches your skills and your experience.

About the company : PT. Asuransi Jiwa Central Asia Raya (CAR), is a life insurance company and a member of BCA Group. Established in 1975, currently CAR is always become one of the ten.


Albert Setiawan
Last update : 13/03/2004

BinusCareer always keep in touch with me

Although BinusCareer has tried for several time to help me, I always fail to get the job. But BinusCareer still keeps my CV, they never forget me. For any available my desire positions BinusCareer offer me as one of their candidates. I give my thanks to BinusCareer because their hard work, now I am getting my job in big joint venture company. I hope many students can use BinusCareer for their first choice to find the dream job. Warm Regards, Brian Mayanta 2201993035

Brian Mayanta
Last update : 16/04/2002 is effective and beneficial

I am really grateful for BiNus Career assistance in order getting my current position in quite a big and well-known company. Especially because I got the position I’d hoped for. is effective and beneficial for students or BiNusian. I recommend to all BiNus students or alumni, who want to find jobs suitable one’s skills and hopes. Also for companies seeking qualified and trustworthy employees, simply click and get the employees you want - you won’t be disappointed. Thank you again, move on and keep up the good service!!! Best Regards, Immanuel John Hendra 0101910623

Immanuel John Hendra
Last update : 01/04/2002

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