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BINUS CAREER would like to extend our gratitude to all of our members that support us. Here are some supporting remarks from our members that are kindly sent to us.

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Go beyond your dream through BINUS CAREER

Working abroad was absolutely beyond my dream. It’s my childhood dream so to speak. That’s why, when I heard the opportunity to work in Japan, I was so enthusiastic and thrilled. But first I still had to be trained both japanese language and IT lesson for about one year in Bina Nusantara University. Now that I have passed the GET training program, the next challenge is still waiting for me right here in Japan. How to become a reliable programmer is one thing, but to adapt quickly to a new environment is a different issue for me. It’s difficult like hell to get use to Japan’s life style ^^ everlasting homesick ^^ But, undeniable, this is once in a lifetime experience, thanks to Binus Career, I’m able to reach my dream even higher than I had expected.

Eva Jovita Yudha (Binusian 2006 Alumni )
Last update : 22/06/2007

BINUS CAREER continues my experience

As an alumni of BINUS, I have skills in IT just like every students here. After graduate I had my experience in an IT company but that not last for long, that makes me start to search another job via BINUS CAREER and by any coincidence I saw an opportunity in BINUS CAREER as a Web Database Admin. As a result I have that position now with a wonderful work environment and colleagues thanks to BINUS CAREER.

Hans Daniel
(BINUSIAN 2004 alumni)
Last update : 22/06/2007

BINUS CAREER, a place where to start your career

I first knew about BINUS CAREER at the end of my studies and started to search a job that fits my interest. At first I feel a little bit impatient why I didn't have any work calls, and slowly but sure I started to get work interviews and tests. And now thanks to BINUS CAREER I finally gain my first experience in the place where provide these services, a.k.a BINUS CAREER

N. Siwiaji
(BINUSIAN 2005 alumni)
Last update : 22/06/2007

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