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BINUS CAREER would like to extend our gratitude to all of our members that support us. Here are some supporting remarks from our members that are kindly sent to us.

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Thanks BiNus Career

This is my first experience working on IT field after I graduated from BiNus (2007). Thanks to God and BiNus Career to give me the best career and a chance to work in international IT Telecom company and undergo the training abroad in Pune , India. As we know India is one of the leading countries in IT development. The technical and behavioral training are very challenging for me, but the trainers are very good and professional. I'm very happy because I get a lot of knowledge and experience that useful for me. Thanks also to Mr. Loys Gunawan from BiNus Career who convinced me to take the chance because the chance maybe do not come twice. So don't be afraid to take the chance that comes to you.^_^.

Last update : 14/03/2008

Thanks BINUS Career

When I just graduated from Binus, I felt desperated to find my first job. It's hard to find a job that suit me. But then, one day there is a campuss hiring announcement from Binus Career which has my desired position. That's the moment I start all my career life. I got my first job from Binus Career! Now I work in an Europe IT company as my second place to work in a year. I'll never can work here without my earlier experience that I got from Binus Career. Thank you Binus Career! First experience is the most important part in our career life! From my experience, I can tell to other IT student, "IT is not only about to be a programmer, but you can also be a Technical Writer which has important role in software company!!!"

Rhea (BINUSIAN 2006, Computer Science)
Last update : 24/09/2007

Binus Career provides me a dream come true

It is my dream to go to Japan, so when I saw announcement about working in Japan, I decided to have a try. Unexpectedly, I passed the test and started the 1 year of Japanese language and Computer training. In that time, not only I had the chances to gain new skill, but also be able to widen my knowledge. In this training, there are 13 people besides me. Each person has unique character that makes this training enjoyable. The Japanese Teacher and Computer Teacher are also interesting people, sometimes when during the lesson they often throw some jokes. By their support and teachings, now I am in Japan. Being in Japan does not mean end of the journey, but it is a beginning of a new start. Here, we have to adapt to the new life style, their habit, their food, and especially the train. But it is not a difficulty, thanks to the Teachers. At last, I want to thank to Binus Career and Fullcast Technology for providing this chance for me.

Setivan (Binusian 2006 , Alumni )
Last update : 23/06/2007

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