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Reaching Dreams

Working with foreigners and working abroad are a few of my biggest dream. Things should be fulfilled to meet those dream, basic of international language, great effort, and good information about company recruitment. Binus Career has completed these things by capturing and distributing frequent up-to-date news about company recruitment to thousands of Binusian alumni. Through Binus Career in house recruitment I met the company which has fulfilled my dream to work in IT field and to be sent abroad. Being in India is wow...I've never had in mind before! Working as a software developer in a one of most IT developed country is like a right job on a right place. Adjusting myself with local food, weather, and people has been giving me unforgettable values of experiencing India.

Oliver P. Kusumo
Last update : 06/05/2008

Working in IT Telecom Company

After I graduated from Tarumanagara University, it was my concern to work in IT world. Binus Career introduced me to Tech Mahindra as IT Telecom international company. And I think it's worth to try as it is not IT in common that I used to think, then also it gives opportunity to know IT especially in Telecom industries. Though I have to complete my technical and behavioral training in Pune , India , all I can say is that it's quite challenging and fun. The trainers explain subjects in detail and in such way so we can digest the subject well. So, thanks to Binus Career for giving this opportunity opened for public and support me to take the chance ^_^

Kristina Meiria
Last update : 14/03/2008

A Great Start

Binus Career had provided me the easiest way to find a job, from which I've got an opportunity to make such a great start of my professional career in the IT industry -which I had been dreaming about to take part in it- within just a couple of months after I had completed my study in Binus. Now I am undergoing some training in one of a leading IT company in telecom domain in India . It is a priceless experience to be sent abroad, be taught by professionals and be able to experience and learn many new things. thanks to Binus Career,

Sukma Cahyadi
Last update : 14/03/2008

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