How To Prepare For Your Interview In Under 30 Minutes

1. Understand the job

Review the job description you are interviewing for. Pay special attention to the skills and experience required. (Time commitment 5 minutes)

2. Understand the company

You should have general knowledge of the product or services unique value proposition, its pricing model, its customers, and its competitors (Time commitment 10 minutes)

3. Prepare answers about your experience

Brainstorm examples that show off your talent! Think of a deal you won and be ready to explain the selling skills you used (Time commitment 5 minutes)

4. Always ask questions

Come up with 3-4 questions about the job, product, company or interviewer based on your research. Ask question that you are genuinely interested in to help you decide if the job is a right fit for you

5. Finally! Confirm the date and time of your interview!

By : Ira Setyawati

Uploaded By : Nurlianti Auliani
Last Update : 11/07/2018

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