Job Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates


Searching for job vacancies is easy; however getting one is a different issue. As a fresh graduate you are competing against not only hundreds of your university buddies but also with thousands of new graduates from other universities. If thats not challenging enough, well, think globally.

The followings are some tips that may help you in landing a job.


Check & update your online profile

Although the ethics of finding information of future employees in social network is still debatable, the common norm is that information in public domains is for public to see. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Picasa etc. Before applying for any job, check your online profiles and remove photos which can hinder you from being employed.


Proof-read your resume

Write your resume with full attention and take time as much as you can for writing it. After writing it read twice or even thrice, ask your friends or seniors to read it again. A better resume is a first step of success for being hired.


Customize your resume for every company

Resumes are not just applicants data. Resumes are often used as the first filter by the recruiters. Much information can be inferred by looking at a candidates resume. The recruiters often look for signs that youve done research about the company and about the position. Therefore, you should customize your resume according to the skills required and the companys values. You need to highlight your skills and personality that fit to the skills and personality the recruiters is looking for.


Be Professional

Being young and being a first time jobseeker doesnt mean that you can act casually during job interviews. You are planning to be in a professional world; hence you should convince the interviewers that you can be a reliable professional.


Contributed by: David Lukito

Adapted from 5 Job Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates

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Last Update : 20/07/2011

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