Prepare Your Job Search Tools

Prepare Your Job Search Tools

After the preparation process (in the last week article), maybe you became realize that the important step before you make the journey as a job seeker are knowing about yourself (doing your self assessment enter ou our attitude test room ) so while youre making your career exploration or while your searching it, you wont walk in the wrong pathsmeaning not knowing what you want, what you need or what job that could fit on you so at the time you find or get a job, you will love it .and your life wont be misserabble at all.

OK Now yourself has already set properly. But still theres some problems before you could reach the job what you want and need. Theres some tools are being used in job search process resumes and cover letters. Both are the ways for selling yourself on paper. And still we all have some difficulties on the technics of selling ourselves. So, well give you some tips How to make a good selling of yourself on paper. These articles are taken from Newsweek on June edition 2000.

Guidelines for Writing an Effective Resume

Since your resume is often your first chance to make a good impression, write it in such a way that will make you stand out. Youll want to highlight your skills and strengths in a simple but polished format. Here are some dos and donts :

DO :
  • Include all the following: name, address, phone number, position desired, summary statement, education, practical experience, professional affiliations, awards and honors, and references. Keep them concise.
  • Highlight any accomplishments and skills that relate to the job for which you are applying.
  • Include names, addresses and phone numbers of two or three references. Dont say "References Available."
  • List all your computer skills.
  • Show internal promotions. The lack of progress on a job suggests that youre on the job market because you cant get ahead in your present job.
  • Address the resume package to Dear Sir .
  • Create a gimmicky or cutesy resume
  • Include self-defeating comments such as :
  • Please dont misconstrue my fourteen jobs as job-hopping. I have never quit a job, or Work skills : strong on interpersonal relations, typing, filing, and reproduction.
  • Omit dates of past jobs or college degrees. It looks like you are hiding something.
  • Use a highly ornamental resume. Avoid slick paper and bright colors that might imply you emphasize appearance over content.
DO & DONt in making Cover Letters

The cover letter, like the resume, seems pretty standard. But to a potential employer, its like hearing your voice on paper. Try to stay away from the form-letter mentality; make it original but keep it brief.

Before you begin to write, think about these basic questions : Why are you interested in this position? What do you have to offer the company? What do you have that helps you stand out from the other candidates?

DO :
  • Clearly state what job you want and why you are qualified.
  • Make your cover letter brisk and upbeat.
  • Match your personal interests with those of the company
  • Show enthusiasm about the job to which you are applying
  • Keep it to the point and not longer than one page.
  • Demonstrate some knowledge of the company.
  • Type your cover letter
  • Use a generic cover letter. Tailor it to every position for which you apply
  • Address your letter to Dear Madam or Sir. If possible, get the name of appropriate person.
  • Duplicate the exact language that appears on your resume.
  • Forget to sign the letter

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