Secrets of a successful job interview

"Make Sure those job interviews you've landed don't result in a stock of rejection letters."

Secrets of a successful job interview
A hiring decision can be costly one. Employers need to consider such factors like - " do you have the skills to do the job?", "will you add value to the organization?", " will you fit in with the company culture?", "how do you compare to other applicants?" - before deciding whether or not to invest in you. Considering you will have many obstacles to go through the interview process. We will give some tips so you could successfully pass the interview !

DO NOT show up for an interview unprepared! You need to impress the interviewer with your understanding of the business and a well thought-out argument as to why you are the best person for the job.
1. Read everything you can on the company prior to your interview.
2. The company's website is an excellent resource for everything from product and service information to company structure and location.
3. If company is public, annual or quarterly reports are available. Perform a search of newspapers and trade publications for articles on the company.

Practice Makes Perfect
After you've done your research, put yourself through some mock interviews. Give your resume to a friend and practice answering questions about everything on your resume.

Questions you may have to answer
During the interview, you will probably be expected to answer questions on a variety of topics. Of course, anything mentioned on your resume is fair game, but don't be surprised if the interviewer explores your willingness and motivation to take on work responsibilities that would be new to you. Sometimes a recruiter will ask you to evaluate your own experiences, skills, weakness. You might also find yourself answering hypothetical questions along the lines of "Let's say this happens ..What would you do ?" and " Where do you see yourself in five years?"

Selling Yourself
If you think you are not a sales person, think again. You are constantly selling your ideas, your outlook, your opinion, and at an interview, your ability to do a job. Your most convincing answers to the interviewer's questions will give examples that highlight your positive qualities ( such as organization and timeliness), successful, challenging work experiences, and accomplishments that are important to you.

Honesty is the Only Policy
Some people would rather be struck by lightning than say "no" to a question. If you don't have experience in something and you've been asked a direct question, say so. There are different ways of saying no. You can say "no, never" and leave it at that, or you can say: "No, I haven't but that's precisely why I'd love this job. I have done these things which are directly related to this position, but I'm really interested in trying my hand at this. I think I'd be good at it because"

Should I Ask about Salary?
It's usually considered polite to wait for the company representatives to bring up money . You should , however, have an answer ready if the company asks you about your salary requirements. If you've done your research, you have an idea about the salary ranges for the job. You can then give a range that starts higher than the bottom and ends higher than the top.

Ending on a Positive Note
Remember to shake hands with the interviewer, thank the person, and ask what the next step is or when you can expect to hear something. Regardless of how long or short the interview was, or how successfully you think you presented your case, threat your interviewer with courtesy.

After the Interview
Thank-You notes are a necessary courtesy. If you spoke with two people, thank them both. If you have contact information for only one person, mention the other n the note. If you meet someone for only two minutes, you don't necessarily need to send a letter to him, but be sure to mention him when you thank the person with whom you spent the most time.

(taken from Newsweek on June edition 2000.)

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