Networking for Success

For All of you, the jobseekers and the employeesdevelop your interpersonal relationships is a must, in career it means developing your networking. Heres the information How is the networking for success?


Be assertive and proactive.

Take the initiative to establish conversations. If this not your strength, use networking to learn and develop it. The networking experience itself will provide the practice; you just need to provide the motivation, commitment, and patience.

Present yourself with confidence.

Create and rehearse a brief introduction of who you are, a summary of your professional experience and/or personal interests. Consider an achievement of yours that others would be interested in, especially if its relevant to the networking topic. In addition, pay attention to the image you are communicating by dressing professionally or appropriately for the occasion.

Formalize the networking experience

Conduct research to determine which networks would best suit your needs. Set a goal to introduce yourself to at least 5-10 people at every networking event you attend. Use your business card or develop one if you dont have one-to exchange with others. And establish a record-keeping system, such as a card file, to use when needed.

Increase your visibility

Attend meetings, join organizations, volunteer, work on committees.

Practice active listening

Networking is about mutuality, so be a good listener, not just a talker. Try listening twice as much as you speak.

Consider everyone you meet a contact

Smile, strike up conversations, look for opportunities to exchange information. Be ever-ready to promote yourself and support others.

Open windows when door close

If an employer doesnt give you the job you want, try opening a window of opportunity by keeping in touch and sending updated resume periodically. Another link in your network can never hurt.

Use the grapevine.

It is believed that 75 percent of the information circulated through gossip and rumor is founded in fact. However, since it is heavily peppered with the perceptions and interpretations of others, be sure to verify the information you get this way before acting on it. Be careful with information you receive this way, but dont underestimate the power of the grapevine.

Network electronically

This can be done through Web sites of professional associations (such as, or informally through chat rooms and list servers. While the format for networking online is quite different, the benefits and opportunities are the same.

Trust the process

Networking can eventually lead to opportunities. Be optimistic and keep the process going by attending meetings and nurturing relationships.

So Try for making your own networking and get lucky from it

(Adapted from Newsweek June 2000 edition)

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