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Opportunities missed by most people because they dress in overall and look like work
         Thomas Edison    

   Its not unusual to find most university graduates worrying about their career and future.  Its possible as they dont have the self-believe and the confidence on their future. Career hunt is, actually, not something that begun after graduation day. Self-management practitioners suggest that career hunt should be started ten years before we can really reach the right career. The suggestion indicates the power of preparation. In most cases, undergraduates are very weak in this preparation thing. They only aim for a single target at the end of their study period, a degree.
    After graduation, students can only whine about the small number of job opportunities, or even the unavailable employment. Then, they will blame the major they took and even their parents for making them took the wrong major. In my opinion, its all non-sense. Lets get real and introspect our selves.  Here is the simplest hint to begin: never think of applying for a job before we even know which job we really want or suit us best. Hundreds, even thousands of vacancies are opened every day. However, not a single one is reachable if we ourselves dont know which one we really want.
    It is time for job seekers and dream chasers to rely not only on luck to pursue the career that they want. It is time to be conscious on the career we have passion for and live up to our potentials. Pursuing career is no longer merely following the trend and living on someone elses dream. Hunting career is living on our own dreams and desires. Succes today is more about fulfilling the dream to have the job we have passion for, rather than having high-salaried job that does not fit our desires.
Millions of people have proven that success comes from hard work and strong will for their dream and passion. They dont just stop and follow where life lead them. They create their own career path.

This short workshop is to help you finding your passion for your career hunt.


In the voyage of pursuing career and progressing in corporate ladder, we will meet lot of obstacles. These obstacles are often missed out of our attention and could grow to be problems in our career if we dont deal with it accordingly.
Bellow are several pitfalls that become obstacles:

1.      Not having a clear vision or direction about the desired career.
Those who dont have goals will think that every place could be the target. Hence, he/she will never know what he/she
desired or liked to do. That person will only follow the flow and depend their life on good fortune. This kind of person is highly potential to become mediocre worker or wanderer.

2.      Not having life values.
In order to enter the physical and mental challenges of the work world, life values are essential as the leader of manner and mind . Self-value would be a very valuable director. Without it, one would easily become meaningless in the eyes of recruiter or company. Person without self-value has large potential to become a(n) yes-man, indecisive person, concealed-enemy, and other peoples victim.

3.      Wrong Motives.
Our work motives could be a dangerous stumbling block. For our everything that we do, we have motives goal, purpose, or target. Whether it is to seek for wealth, knowledge, experience, improve skills, security, or any others. Wrong motives will put our career in danger. For when we consider reward is more important than performance, we will always do our job on the question What is in it for me? Another example of work motives is a drive for high position, or better known as ambition. All these can be our down falling traps, if not handled and adjusted accordingly.

4.      Illusions.
The lack of experience and knowledge, added by the influence of our surroundings, could lead us to the misperception often made about the career world,  e.g.:
         Im a Bachelor, so my salary should be.
         I am a secretary.  My friend works for company X as a secretary and her salary is., so I should be paid as high .
         Show me the money first, and Ill show you my performance.
         If the working environment is inconvenient, just quit.
         Company management should provide all facilities to make employees productive.

In short, to be a step ahead in a career hunt, start creating your vision, living on your  values, adjusting your motives, and try not to bother yourself with illusion.  That is, if you want to have a satisfying career, not merely becoming a moneymaker.


    The first question we have to answer in our career hunt is: what is our major interest? What do we enjoy best and wish to do for the rest of our life? What gives us the reason to get up in the morning with excitement and enthusiasm? What could make us work tireless? What could make us withstand obstacles and trouble? What could provide us with the satisfaction in doing it? In a single word, all that is called PASSION.
    Passion is the base of all the success in this modern world. Without passion, there are no innovation in any field. Without passion, working will be a terrible burden that gives heavy pressure. Without passion, we will not be working at all, but forced to work.Find your passion and everything in your vision about your dream career will fall into place. Everything will automatically come to your way once you know what to do.

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