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Some Articles that is very useful for you, all the job seekers from all the fresh graduates until employee in the entry level position. Its seem that youve already done everything to get the right job for you ! But still, The obstacles always come over to you so youve never reached what you want ! Whats wrong with your trying ? Maybe you have to step back in your preparation things. Sometimes we move too far and forget some preparation things . Here some serial articles you could count on while youre in the preparation process for finding the right job. These articles based on . Take a look and read them !

Job Search Preparation

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
- Confucius -

There are some concepts that basically should be inside of you. Those concepts will direct you in the right path of being the job seeker. Herere the concept :
  • Finding a job and finding a good job are two different things. If you want to be successful in your job search, you should focus on finding a good job. It means the job is fit to your interest, aptitude, value, personality, then off course your skills and ability.
  • Please note: if you are not able to answer the "What do you want to do?" question. It means that you dont know well about yourself. So take a big step back from the "I gotta find a job" hype, and go seek advice and counsel from your campus Career Planning Office or with your professors or advisors within your major. Know what you want to do before you go out trying to find it.
  • And in seeking out your dream job, seek out a job you will love. There are far too many people in today's work world who are grinding away at work they detest just to earn a big paycheck. And leading lives of quiet desperation in return. Do what you love and the paycheck will follow.
  • An offer may come, but it may not be for the type of job you are truly seeking. Or, worse yet, an offer may not come. It means that not enough to sign up for a few on-campus interviews. You should take your best shot and hope for the best.
  • To prepare yourself fully for your job search, you will need to understand more about the job search process, such as what is happening on the other side of the resume read, of the job fair booth, or the other side of the interview desk, etc .
  • Remember that to reach the next level of the process, you need to successfully pass the previous level. So start your job search on a solid foundation by understanding how the process works and work your way successfully through each level toward your ultimate goal.
  • Most job searches are conducted from a "here I am" and "this is what I want" perspective. But the best approach to follow is customer-driven marketing. So the the simple key to success is market your product (yourself) according to the needs of your intended market (potential employers in your field). Because what happening in the other side is in the reality most companies do not really care about what you want until you are able to demonstrate that you can provide what they want. They only care about what you can do for them. (see part : developing your market strategy & Marketing You in the Employment Marketplace)

Developing Your Marketing Strategy
Do you consider yourself a good salesperson? If yes, good for you--you will be putting your skills to work throughout the job search process. If not, get ready to become one--because in order to be effective in your job search, you have to become effective at marketing. Things to remember while you developing marketing strategy :
  • Your "product" is you and your "market" is the segment of the employment marketplace that is a potential purchaser of your product.
  • Theres two key points:
    1. No one knows your product better than you.
    2. No one can make the sale other than you.
  • No matter what your major, no matter what field you intend to enter, you must be ready, willing, and able to market yourself.
  • It is difficult to market yourself if you do not believe in yourself.
  • Take a long hard look in the mirror. Don't look for the bad--look for the good. Look for all the good points. Look for all the aspects about you and your background that make you an outstanding job candidate.
  • The reality is, it's easy to market yourself into a job or company that you love. If you are enthusiastic about your work and your ability to complete the necessary tasks and activities, you will not even think of it as marketing.
  • In preparing to meet the needs of the marketplace, make sure you are comfortable selling your talents and skills to that market. The reaction from the other side of the desk to true enthusiasm will almost always be positive.
  • Sit on the other side of the desk. Imagine interviewing yourself for the position you most desire. Would you hire you? If not, why would anyone else? Work on yourself, your appearance, your attitude, your enthusiasm, your product, before you bring your final product to market.
  • The last is You never get a second chance at a first impression. Make sure your first impression is right on the mark.

Marketing You in the Employment Marketplace
  • The basic step in the customer-driven marketing process is to understand the market in general and what potential customer needs may be. Some questions have to answer, such as : Do you know what your market is? ,Who are your potential customers?, What are the specific needs of customers in your market?

Whats the next process after these preparation things ?.Want to know about that ? Always Come to and see our newest article for the next week edition !

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