Meaningless thoughts that are crushing your success

By : Vartika Kashyap

There are some things which are beyond our control. Luck for instance. You cannot decide which way luck will turn when you are working on a project. But, there is one thing which you can control and that is - your thoughts.

Seldom do we realize that our thoughts are the biggest barrier in our success. There are so many small thoughts that keep wandering in mind. These small thoughts sow the seeds of negativity, which dont let us grow.

I am going to share some of those meaningless thoughts. And, how you can keep yourself away from those thoughts. Take a look and see for yourself - Im not ready yet

No one is ever ready for success. Opportunities when forced upon us make us grow at both intellectual and emotional level. It is what we do in our life that makes us what we are, not what we think we want to do.

Great opportunities might knock your door and run away, when you are too busy preparing for them. Thats why you need to take things as they come. Grab all the opportunities that comes your way. After all, there is no guarantee that you will get a second chance. So, youve got to make the most of the ones that come your way.

I dont want to take the risk

As the saying goes, fortune favors the brave - you need to brave enough to take risks. A ship anchored at the harbor is of no use, because thats not what it is meant for. In a similar way if your mind is too scared to take the risk for something you want in life, you need to change the mindset.

You have to risk it to get the biscuit. Thats what I follow in life. And, I would recommend everyone to follow as well. After all, you cannot achieve anything significant in life, if you keep on doing what you are doing. And, dont come out of the comfort zone. I wish I had it easy, like they did

Every person out there is fighting a battle of their own. You never know the story behind the success of person. Saying that someone became an overnight success does not justify the effort he has put to reach there. Thats why I dont agree with the concept of so called overnight success.

Nothing great was ever achieved by anyone without making a sacrifice for it. But, it was the will to overcome and win those inner battles that made great people successful. The Steve Jobs and the Elon Musks did not become what they are today by cribbing about how many people had it easy. They became the successful people they are by striving to fulfil their dreams on a constant basis. And, so should you.

I knew Id fail

No you didnt. We cannot predict whether something is going to work or not, until it does. Negative mindset is the root cause behind the biggest failure. Have you heard about the quote - the fool didnt know it was impossible so he did it.

You have to become that fool if you want to succeed. If theres an idea in your mind, go for it and give it a try no matter how much others say that its impossible. Failures are inevitable, but that does not mean you stop trying. If you fail with your idea once, improvise on it. Come up with a better plan next time, and give it another shot. Part ways with negative mindset, and adopt the power of positivity.

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