10 Tips for Telephonic Interview

In this modern phase of life, telephonic interviews are turning a trend. It helps in saving valuable time, money and effort for both- interviewer and interviewee. However, this telephonic round of interview is taken very leniently by most candidates. Follow these tips to remember when you are about to appear for a telephonic interview:

1. Keep your mobile ready.

Your mobile is your helpful tool here. Use it wisely. 1. Record your call This would in turn help you assess your interview after interview is over. Listening to your call tells you a lot about yourself try it!! 2. Charge your phone You phone should bear minimum more than 50% charge in it in advance you never know how long this interview lasts. 3. Turn off Call waiting Avoid interruptions, focus on your interview. 4. Turn off Whats-app/Gtalk/other notifications Whats-app and other social chat apps could be a barrier during an interview. Avoid them by turning off the notifications or simply turn off data service on your phone.

2. Use Earphones

: Make certain to use Bluetooth headset or good quality Earphone rather than holding on to your phone. Ordinarily Telephonic interviews can be longer than expected. Also making use of earphones means both your hands are free

3. Dont Smoke/Chew or eat/ Drink

: In between of a telephonic interview, keep your speech clear and price. Eating, drinking or smoking thwarts your voice. But also have a glass of water at a distance of your hand at desk. Speak openly and complete your words aptly. It reveals your confidence.

4. Silence Please

: Ensure theres an utmost peace and silence when you are set to give your telephonic interview. Music System, TV, pets, kids, family members only and only divert you. Shut that door of yours.

5. Cheat wisely (if required):

obviously, interviewer cannot see whats going on other side of the phone while youre giving a telephonic interview, this does not mean you can cheat your route to success. Cheating is tolerable, till its within limits. Note down some general interview questions in advance and keep them handy. Make points that you can demonstrate on the fly rather than writing paragraphs. Dont try to Google questions during interview it doesnt help.

6. Mind your tone.

Have a seat on your study table dont lie on your bed. Smile it does represent your tone. And for heavens goodness, dont distract the interviewer.

7. Relax just take your time .

Its absolutely alright if you consume additional couple of seconds to answer. Assemble your thoughts and then reply. Try not portraying a story keeping it precise and crisp.

8. Take Notes.

If you are making use of earphones, both your hands are free, jot down points that cross your mind or something that you want to tell the interviewer at some point of time further in the call.

9. Show your enthusiasm .

Question your interviewer. Show your keenness. Whats next after this, when can I meet you for the next round type questions show your zeal.

10. Dont forget the final nail in the coffin

Remember to thank the interviewer for talking to you. Thankfulness always adds value to the positive image youve created in the interviewers mind

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